Carrion Crown

Strange Days in Ravengro

Session two

As the body removed itself from the dirt Vallus jumped into action against his most hated enemy. Watching its movements realizing it was slow moving and inept compared to his blade and the powers that could back him up. They dispatched the zombie and reburied the Professor, returning to there beds for rest. The group awoke later in the day and decided that they would make a trip to the hidden cache in then Restlands. They found it easy enough and intruded on two giant centipedes after they were slain the group discovered the hidden supplies that were mentioned in the Professors Journal. Bast started working on uncovering the Whispering Way and the five notorious prisoners. Valdor and Vallus went searching for there own leads,when they discovered that another letter had been put on the monument, this time progressively worse with that of pigs blood. Valdor and Vallus opted to stay the night and watch to see if the vandal would return, as the party was split Bast returned to the estate and was about ready to sleep when his room changed to that of a prison and he started smelling smoke, it was then he looked out the window to see town lights as if he were starring at the town from further away. He turned back to find all the furniture replaced and his name being spelled out one letter at a time in fresh blood. As the final letter was completed Bast awoke from his nightmare his room seemingly returned to normal, as he gained his bearings he noticed that not everything was back to normal the blood still wet and dripping was there above his head board. Bast ran to Kendra to see if she may have been behind this still having doubts about her involvement in the Prof. murder. Nothing happened that night to the two warriors keeping watch and vigilant. The day being 26 Calistril everything was quite almost to quite. Vallus knowing something was not right searched and searched for hours to track and find that Gibs may be the culprit behind the vandalism. He waited till the Gibs left and snuck in to investigate finding a water skin of blood and multiple weapons that could kill and maim. Vallus waited for back up then tracked Gibs until he returned home and the group confronted him. Bast using his “god” given abilities convinced Gibs to tell them the truth and eventually escorted him to jail. Two days later the town was a buzz that Gibs had committed suicide Vallus checked out the scene and new that there was no natural way he could have killed himself. The group returning to the estate from working around the clock to uncover as much information as they could walked into the town square being assaulted by a couple of frenzied Striges. Vallus found that they were being controlled by the musicians while Bast set to work on stopping the music Vallus and Valdor went to work on the vermin. Vallus was latched onto and was being drained of blood removed the pest with a quick slash of his blade.Valdor followed up by piercing one 80ft away flying fast to escape. The musicians recovering didnt know what happened or where they were.



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